Our Background

Trouble Homegrown is a grassroots organisation with our origins in a variety of backgrounds. Some of us are from social media work backgrounds as well as others who are photographers or simply have  a passion for blogging.  Our aim is to bring together like minded people and create a blog as well as creating a community which can thrive.

We have been going for a number of years and we are always open to new suggestions as to how we can improve our website and engage with more people. Please do contact us with any suggestions you may have to improve our website or provide feedback.

Our Skills

We don’t just run this blog , as well as managing our website our diverse team has a range of different skills and qualities. One of the key skills which many of us possess is photography skills. Photography is an important part of all of our lives and we heavily feature it across our posts and website.

Other skills which many of our staff possess are social media skills. We are adept at blogging as well as managing social media campaigns and websites. Although we all post as regularly as possible please bear in mind we all have day jobs. Therefore if there is a gap in posts or lack of activity things have got busier in our work lives.

However this is where the community comes into play.Often we invite members of our community to write guest posts for us. Doing this means that we can continue our high post output.

Our Motivation

Our motivation comes from a lot of different sources but our main source of inspiration is really you , our community. We are driven to continually update and post interesting and engaging content that can keep our blog thriving and educate people on different topics.

All of the team also share a common passion for creative and digital media which is part of all of our lives in some way or another. The time and energy that we put into this site acts as a creative outlet and helps us to give back to the online community