Pallet trolleys are a very valuable asset which are increasingly being utilised by production crews across the UK when they are actively filming and are on-site. This article will run through why they are using the pallet trolley and what the benefits are to using this type of equipment overall.

Pallet trolleys

What Do Production Crews Do?

Normally production crews are closely associated with movies and tv series but they also come in the form of event crew who perform a very similar role at events across the world. The production crews role is to ensure that all the equipment and materials necessary are present and functioning in order for a film or event to start and be run successfully.

The role covers a large range of expertise and often team members will be operating complex equipment as well as moving it to several different locations as requested by their employers. One of the pieces of equipment that can help them to excel in this role is pallet trolleys.

These are brilliant assets as they can help production crew to transport heavier goods over short periods of time without requiring additional people to carry the weight. As well as this form of equipment typically production crew have access to a large variety of different types of equipment such as vehicles and video cameras.

How Can The Pallet Trolley Assist Production Crews In Their Role?

There are a number of different ways overall in which a pallet trolley can assist production crews in their overall role. One of the main ways in which pallet trolleys are assisting production crews in their role is moving heavy weights distances.

Under normal circumstances it would take several production crew members in order to move an individual piece of equipment which is heavy. However a pallet trolley can move several heavy items at once with ease. This greatly increases the overall efficiency and speed at which items can be moved in this sort of setting.

Another way in which the pallet trolleys can prove to be greatly beneficial overall is flexibility. Thanks to the lightweight and compact design of these pieces of equipment they can be operated in a variety of different types of venue.

Its very important that production crews are able to access equipment that is flexible and can be used in a variety of environments as often they are expected to work in a wide range of environments under different time restrictions and circumstances.

What Other Forms Of Equipment Are Available?

As well as the pallet trolley , there are a variety of other types of equipment that are in everyday use by production companies across the UK. One of the most commonly used pieces of equipment is trolley carts. Trolley carts can be used to move weights similar to pallet trolleys. However they are much larger and bulkier than pallet trolleys and as a result aren’t as flexible or cheap to purchase overall.

Overall it is clear that pallet trolleys are a very efficient form of equipment which can be used in a variety of environments in many different sectors overall.